note: erc20 mints are not yet included in leaderboard or rewards data
$ENJOY, the first tradable ERC-20 token on Zora Network, is reshaping onchain media creation and curation by enabling the easy rewarding of enjoyable onchain content. Our points system recognizes unique contributions to the scene, effectively bridging the gap between online creators and enjoyoors and real-world value.
!Enjoy is the first ERC-20 on Zora Network. With any frontier, there will always be bumpy roads. The official pool with deep liquidity is available at
Zora Network integration into the official Uniswap front end is imminent.
!!! Airdrop 2 will be distributed via community through mint comment tipping on Zora.
To participate, connect an account holding at least 500,000 $Enjoy and check your weekly tip allowance. The more active you are onchain, the higher your allowance will be.
If you’ve recently purchased $Enjoy, your Weekly tip allowance will become available on the following Sunday at 11pm EST